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Windows is an OS developed from Microsoft for the X86 and X64 PC infrastructure.


Codename / Preliminary name Final Name
Interface Manager Win 1.01
Sparta WfW 3.1
NT Beta NT 3.1
Daytona NT 3.5
Chicago Alpha / Chicago Betas Windows 95
Nashville Windows 95 B
Cairo NT 4.0
Memphis Windows 98
NT 5.0 Windows 2000
Neptune never released / merged to Whistler
Georgia Windows ME
Whistler Windows XP
.NET Server Windows 2003 Server
Longhorn / Vista Beta Windows Vista
Longhorn Server Windows Server 2008
 Blackcomb / Vienna Windows 7
Windows Server 8 Windows Server 2012
 Blue Windows 8.1
Threshold Server / Windows Server 2015 Windows Server 2016
Server 19H1 / Windows Server 2016 R2 Windows Server 2019
Threshold (1511) / Redstone Windows 10

There are still some other versions but the list would be endless long when I would write every codename Microsoft used as also many projects were never released... 

Windows Timeline

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